My last name is Mahesh and I like to make things fresh.

Day n Nite.


I am currently a senior product designer at Beyond and spend my time both on and off the court feeding my passion for learning new tools, languages, and technologies.  

Currently, I'm obsessed with interaction design and product design that occurs in the third dimension - whether that be virtual reality, augmented reality, or even in-browser with WebGL. Some tools I love using include: Sketch, Processing, Cinema 4D, InVision, Adobe CS, Hype, Framer, Principle, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, Three.js, Rhino, Grasshopper, VRay, CATIA, and Revit.


Over the years I've adopted the persona Creative License as the umbrella for my music production, DJing, break-dancing, graphic design, & other flavor of the month various creative endeavors.

When I'm not working or in my studio, I can usually be found at a Soulection show, rocking a circle, or helping out with the magazine I co-founded. My latest and next passion will be finding and establishing a South Asian design community in New York.

Serious inquiries and hot takes only, please.

Got it, fam.
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