I'm a product designer in Brooklyn, leading a small team at Kickstarter investigating the future of crowdfunding. Check out my work and get to know me.

Day-Time Quarantine

I am currently leading the Market Expansion team at Kickstarter. We're an R&D team of sorts, exploring what new and innovative ways we can help more creators bring their creative projects to life.

On any given day I'm using Figma, Framer X, Webflow, Cinema 4D, Adobe CS, and some baseline front-end development skills.

Night-Time Quarantine

Over the years I've adopted the persona Creative License as the umbrella for my music production, DJing, break-dancing, graphic design, & other flavor of the month creative endeavors.

When I'm not working or in my studio, I'm at a Soulection show, perpetually marathon training, or being a plant dad.