I'm a staff product designer at Kickstarter focused on strategy. I studied architecture & computer science, & spend my free time producing music, helicopter-parenting my plants, running, & drooling over remote single family residences. Check out my work & get to know me.
I led an innovation team at Kickstarter building new products to reach more creators.
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I designed Think with Google's most trafficked site - a free tool for businesses to evaluate and improve their mobile site speed.
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I helped story lovers discover and seamlessly switch between reading on Kindle and listening on Audible.
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I helped Session, a boutique Brooklyn training studio, tell their story and increase their online bookings.
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Day-Time Quarantine

I am currently leading the Market Expansion team at Kickstarter. We're an R&D team of sorts, exploring what new and innovative ways we can help more creators bring their creative projects to life.

On any given day I'm using Figma, Framer X, Webflow, Cinema 4D, Adobe CS, and some baseline front-end development skills.

Night-Time Quarantine

Over the years I've adopted the persona Creative License as the umbrella for my music production, DJing, break-dancing, graphic design, & other flavor of the month creative endeavors.

I just released ENDORPHINS, a short pack of edits on Bandcamp, with 100% of proceeds going towards the Okra Project, an inspiring initiative focused on providing home-cooked meals to Black Trans people. To date ENDORPHINS has raised $1,050 dollars.