I'm designing Stripe Checkout to be the highest converting payment flow on the internet. My background is in architecture and computer science, and I love producing music, helicopter-parenting my plants, and writing my music newsletter. Check out my work or get to know me.
I set strategy that increased Kickstarter's total annual revenue by 3-4%
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I designed Think with Google's most trafficked site—a free tool for businesses to improve their mobile site speed
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I helped story lovers experience more stories with Kindle and Audible integration
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I helped Session, a boutique Brooklyn training studio, tell their story and increase their online bookings.
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All work. All play.

First off, thanks for making it this far. Right now I'm at Stripe, coming up with hare-brained schemes to make our Checkout product the most revenue maximizing flow on the market. In the past I've led teams, mentored junior designers, and worked with leadership teams to set product strategy.

On the side, I've adopted the persona Creative License as the umbrella for my music production, DJing, break-dancing, graphic design, & other flavor of the month creative endeavors.

I just released ENDORPHINS, a short pack of edits on Bandcamp, with 100% of proceeds going towards the Okra Project, an inspiring initiative focused on providing home-cooked meals to Black Trans people. To date ENDORPHINS has raised $1,050 dollars.

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