I'm a staff product designer at Stripe envisioning the future of our dashboard. I've led teams with Kickstarter, Frank Gehry, Google, Amazon, and BCG. I studied architecture and comp sci, and produce music. Check out my work and get to know me.
Kickstarter Mockups
I set strategy that increased Kickstarter's annual revenue by 4%
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Google Mockup
I designed Think with Google's most trafficked site—a free tool for businesses to improve their mobile site speed
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Amazon Mockup
I helped story lovers keep the story going with Kindle & Audible integration
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Session Mockup
I helped Session, a boutique Brooklyn training studio, tell their story and increase their online bookings.
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All work. All play.

First off, thanks for making it this far. Right now I'm at Stripe, crafting a vision for the dashboard that sets us up for long-term growth. I've found success in my career through developing compelling product visions that balance business goals and user needs, and making them a reality by breaking those visions down into smaller projects that ship iteratively.

On the side, I produce music, write a music newsletter, DJ, and am training for a sprint triathlon. I've released ENDORPHINS, a short series of remixes on Bandcamp, with 100% of proceeds going to The Okra ProjectNarika. The project has raised $1,700 to date.

If you haven't had enough of me yet, sign up below and I'll send you three songs a week. Could be anything 🤷