Frank Gehry

During my time at Gehry, I worked on many high profile projects such as the Battersea Power Station, Facebook HQ, Gehry's personal Santa Monica home, and the LA River revitalization.


1.5 years

3D Modeling in CATIA + Revit, VBA Scripting, Rendering, On-Site Construction


Design Consultant


I served as an on-site generator of fabrication documents for the construction of Frank Gehry's personal residence in Santa Monica. Utilizing CATIA, VBA, and AutoCAD, I assisted the construction with assembling the timber structure of the residence as it was being built.
Due to confidentiality, I can not share on what I contributed for the Facebook Headquarter efforts.
Due to confidentiality, I can not share much on what I contributed to early LA River efforts, but I did help with an initial 3D modeling of the LA River utilizing 3D scanning that was done with Trimble state of the art Trimble scanning technology.