Amazon Audible

At Amazon Audible, all UX teams were encouraged to design with the understanding of the Customer's Journey in mind. Before beginning any initiative, teams developed narratives around who each of these designs would be benefitting, and how they would fit into users' lives.

Winona's Day is a fully responsive and interactive story-board I designed & built (using Hype, HTML, CSS, and Javascript) of the customer's journey that ties together all the initiatives I designed for (and in many cases led) for the Amazon store, Amazon Kindle app, and Amazon Audible. Using consumer data collected from Amazon and Audible, it follows Winona, our user persona, through a single day and how we designed for key touch points throughout her journey with our product.


12 months

A/B Testing, UI Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Interaction Design, QA


Experience Designer