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Over half of mobile visitors will abandon a site that takes 3+ seconds to load, which results in lost revenue for both businesses and Google. Google partnered with Beyond to build a comprehensive tool that highlights the business impact of mobile site speed, and gives recommendations on how speed can be improved.


8% sign up conversion rate (2x higher than any other Think with Google content)

60% completion rate (users interacting with all tools)

120,000 page views within the first 5 days of launch—more views than any other piece of content receives in an entire year.

+ $1.5m in revenue for our studio.


Sole Product Designer


MVP7 months
Iteration12 months

Preparing for a global launch at Mobile World Congress

Our lean team of four (a producer, client strategist, developer, and designer) had seven months to build this product from the ground up, and launch it on an international stage in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.

Roadmapping our MVP in 3 stages: research, storyboarding, and development.

Providing value to marketing leaders

To better understand our target audience, we spoke with a total of 8 different c-suite marketers at varying sizes of organizations. We hoped to uncover how familiar they were with mobile site speed, how well maintained their mobile experiences were, and what their primary motivations for maintaining their mobile experiences were.

Building something that works for every single website on the internet

I led design from ideation through development.  This site empowers users to enter any existing domain and see how their mobile site is performing, benchmark their performance against their competitors, calculate how much money they are leaving on the table, and get specific fixes to improve their site speed.

Leveraging Google's design patterns to increase engagement

Since the site is composed of tools that require a high amount of user interaction, a special focus was given to interaction design. To start, marketers can compare their site speed with their creators'.

We also have a funding calculator to help estimate how much additional revenue they could make by improving their site speed.

Tracking our conversion and engagement at launch

60% completion

60% of Test My Site visitors complete both the scorecard and revenue calculator.

8% conversion

8% of visitors sign up for the Think with Google newsletter, a conversion rate twice as high as any other piece of content.

120k page views

Test My Site received 120k page views within 5 days of launching. This is more than any page on Think with Google gets in an entire year.

Iterating on the MVP over the next year

Due to the success of our MVP launch, Google partnered with our team at Beyond to spend another year further building out the product. I kicked off our new phase by conducting first of three total rounds of user testing. I spoke with 6 marketers and had them use our launched MVP to identify key opportunity areas, which were as followed:


Improve the legibility and usability of the revenue calculator.


Better differentiate between key metrics like page speed and site speed.


Provide additional context on what qualifies as poor or strong mobile speeds.

Providing more context about speed

I introduced an overview section with a speed rating to let users know if their speed was fast, average, or slow based on Google’s mobile speed standards.

Simplifying the interactions on each tool

On our first round of testing, only 2/6 users understood the Calculator tool (shown above) at a glance because there were too many inputs, and the purpose of the slider was unclear. Through two rounds of testing, I distilled the amount of inputs required and changed the slider UI to be a button tap baked into the descriptive sentence (shown below):

While the slider pattern was an easier to use interaction pattern than the tap, the tradeoff was worth it as by the follow round of teting 5/6 users were able to comprehend the tool.

Creating a visual narrative

Our final solution incorporated updated Material Design standards, an interactive landing page and on-boarding 3d animation, as well as a downloadable PDF report which summarized the entered website’s mobile speed performance. This product went live at the end of February at Mobile World Congress.