Beyond's website suffered from a lack of brand, overcomplicated navigation, and not enough spotlight on the work. In a team of 8, consisting of two designers (including myself), we set out to redesign and rebuild our website - in 3 days.


3 Days

Information Architecture, Wireframing, Visual Design, 3d Animation, Interaction Design


Product Designer


Hackathon style.

In addition to just redesigning a rebuilding a website, we had to give the brand a refresh as well. In a half day exercise, we honed in on Beyond's playful yet mature identity, drawing influences from Bauhaus design and museum design stores.

Bringing the site to life.

I used the inspiration of museum store products with playful colors and functional design to inform a visual language for our case study imagery. In Cinema 4D, I modeled and rendered out different objects sitting in abstracted device geometry. When a user clicks into a project, the image comes to life to deliver a delightful response and transition into each case study page.


Since launching the new website, our bounce rate has been cut in half from 60% to 30%. To further along the design, we will be continuing to refine the brand and colors, as well as develop the 3D visual language to incorporate Three.js to have more dynamic content on the page that positions Beyond as a forward-thinking agency.