I am currently a senior product designer at Beyond who spends my time both on and off the court feeding my passion for learning new tools, languages, and technologies. 

While I studied Architecture and Computer Science at USC and found myself working for Frank Gehry right out of college, I eventually yearned for a faster pace of work - one that eventually was offered to me in the form of product design. I got myself a neat little UX Design Certificate from GA and since then have designed products for and with many fantastic brands including: Google, Amazon, Gap, Wall Street Journal, BCG Digital Ventures, MetLife, and One World Alliance. 

Currently, I'm obsessed with interaction design and product design that occurs in the third dimension - whether that be virtual reality, augmented reality, or even in-browser with WebGL. Some tools I love using include: Cinema 4D, Sketch, Processing, InVision, Adobe CS, Hype, Principle, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, ....*catches breath*... Rhino, Grasshopper, VRay, CATIA, and Revit. 





Over the years I've adopted the persona Creative License as the umbrella for my music production, DJing, break-dancing, graphic design, & other flavor of the month various creative endeavors.

When I'm not working or in my studio, catch me at a Soulection show, rocking a circle, or helping out with the magazine I co-founded: No Greater Good. No Greater Good is a magazine some of my peers and I started that is dedicated to all our creative talents that do not get utilized in our work spaces. We raised a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2015, and we have now already released two issues, and we'll be coming in hot early 2018 with issue three, so keep a look out.

Arjun Mahesh
The Aux Cord Trap Lord